womens third phase chiefs blanket

The Dickens Third Phase Chief’s Blanket, Navajo, circa 1860.

The chief’s blanket measures 67 inches wide by 58 inches long, as woven.

Ex- Dickens Trading Post, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

No exhibitions or publications.

Less than 1% of the red yarns are a pale red raveled bayeta dyed with cochineal.
More than 99% of the red yarns are a dark red raveled bayeta dyed with a combination of 70% lac and 30% cochineal.
The blue yarns are handspun Churro fleece dyed with indigo.
The brown yarns and the white yarns are un-dyed handspun Churro fleece.

Currently in a private collection.

Photograph by Joshua Baer - ©2015 navajoblanketappraisals.com
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womans third phase chiefs blanket