Joshua Baer, Appraiser
Santa Fe
505 699-4711

Appraisal Policies

Verbal appraisals are free. To get a free, verbal appraisal of a Navajo blanket or rug, click here.

Call us any time at 505 699-4711, or send email to If you send pictures by email, make sure to include the dimensions of your blankets or rugs, your name, and your telephone number in your email.

Joshua Baer charges $250 per hour for written appraisals. His minimum day rate for an on site appraisal is $500. Appraisals fees are calculated according to these hourly rates. Appraisal fees are not based on the values of the Navajo blankets or rugs being appraised.

Standard Appraisals include the Replacement Values of the works being appraised. Custom Appraisals include the Replacement Values and Fair Market Values of the works being appraised, along with recommendations of how, when, and where to sell or donate the appraised works of art.

Joshua Baer is available for consultations regarding auction consignments, auction estimates and reserves, bidding representation at auction, conservation of Navajo blankets and rugs, and long-term management of corporate, institutional, or private art collections. Consultation fees are based on the nature of the consultation, the time involved, and the collector's ability to pay for the consultation.

To review Joshua Baer's qualifications as an appraiser, click here.

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